Classification by feature - Animals in the Habitats and the Fossil sites, and Biodiversity

Extinct speciesAnimal EvolutionAnimal Evolution from Chordata to mammals and birds
Unusual prehistoric lifeExtinct species having unique face, unique apperance
Extinct MammalsExtinct species in historical era
Endanger speicesCR MammalsCritically Endangered species
Extant speicesLiving fossilThe species are closely resemble ancestors known from the fossils.
MegafaunaSpecies having large size body
Unusual animalsUnusual appearance, Rare species
Unusual behaviorMimicry, Courtship display, Nesting
Colorful animalsColorful, beautiful or interesting species
Migratory aminalsMigratory aminals for feeding or breeding
Small speciesMiniature megaSmall species having large size body
Miniature monsterUnusual appearance
Unusual behavior miniMimicry, Courtship display, Nesting
Colorful miniColorful, beautiful or interesting small species
Migratory miniMigratory small species for feeding or breeding
BirdsMigratory birds
Unusual tropical birds
Sea birds
Flightless birds
Marine speicesAnimals in tide pool
Animals in coral reef
MegafishArmoured fish, Cartilaginous fish, Lobe-finned fish, Ray-finned fish
Mega marine reptiles
Unique faces in deep sea
Wildlife in deep sea
Animals in hydrothermal vent