Classification by type - Animals in the Habitats and the Fossil sites, and Biodiversity

Life on earthPhylogenetic treeBiological classification of life on earth
MammalsPhylogenetic treeBiological classification of mammals
Primitive mammalsPrimitive mammals from reptile to mammal including Platypus, Echidna
MarsupialsKangaroos, Koala, Oppsums
AfrotheriaTenrecs, Aardvark, Hyrax, Elephants, Mammoth, Dugong, Manatees
XenarthraArmadillos, Anteaters, Sloths, Grand sloths
Primates+Treeshrew, Colugo, Primitive primates, Monkey, Ape, Hominid
Rodents+Rabbit, Mouse, Beaver, Squirrel
WhalesPrimitive whale, Whale, Dolphin
WhalesTransitional fossils of whales from land to sea
Even-toed ungulatesPig, Camel, Hippopotamus, Deer, Giraffe, Bovid
UngulatesExtinct hoofed animals
BatMegabat, Fruit bat
Odd-toed ungulatesHorse, Tapir, Rhinocerose
FeraesPangolin, Saber-toothed cat, Cat, Hyena, Mongoose, Dog, Bear, Weasel, Seals
HominidsHominids and the fossil sites
BirdsPhylogenetic treeBiological classification of birds
Primitive birdsPrimitive birds from reptile to bird
Paleognath birdsOstrich, Rhea, Cassowary, Emus, Moa, Kiwi, Tinamou
Ducks+Anseriformes - Duck, Goose, Swan
Pheasants+Galliformes - Mound-builder, Curassow, Guineafowl, Pheasant, Peafowl, Junglefowl
ShorebirdsSandpipers, Jacanas, Gull, Tern, Puffin, Skua, Buttonquails, Thick-knees, Plover-like waders
StorksStork, Heron, Ibis
RaptoresFalcon, Condor, Eagle
Rollers+Coraciiformes - Rollers, Kingfishers, Hoopoes, Bee-eaters, Hornbills, Todies, Motmots
ReptilesPhylogenetic treeBiological classification of reptiles
SynapsidaPrimitive reptiles from amphibia to reptile, Mammal-like reptiles
Turtles+Primitive reptiles from amphibia to reptile, Turtles
DiapsidaPrimitive reptiles from amphibia to reptile, Marine reptiles
Lizards+Lizard, Iguana, Gecko, Chameleon, Snake
Crocodiles+Primitive crocodiles, Crocodile relatives, Crocodiles (Archosaurs)
Dinosaurs+Flying reptiles, Dinosaurs
AmphibiasPhylogenetic treeBiological classification of amphibias
Primitive amphibiasPrimtive amphibias from fish to amphibia
Primitive amphibiasTransitional fossils of fishes and amphibia (Tetrapods) from sea to land
Recent amphibiasSalamanders, Newts, Frogs
FishesPhylogenetic treeBiological classification of fishes
Jawless fishPrimitive fish from Chordata to fish, Hagfish, Lamprey
Armoured fishExtinct fish group
Cartilaginous fishPrimitive sharks, Chimaeras
Cartilaginous fishRays, Sharks
Spiny sharksExtinct fish group
Lobe-finned fishFour-limbed vertebrate, Coelacanth, Lungfish
Ray-finned fishMost living fishes
ArthropodsPhylogenetic treeBiological classification of arthopods
Primitive arthropodsPrimitive arthropods
ChelicerataSpiders, Scorpions, Horseshoe crabs, Sea scorpions
InsectDragonflies, Butterflies, Beetles
Butterflies+Butterflies, Moths
CrustaceaCrabs, Lobsters, Crayfish, Shrimp, Krill, Barnacles
MolluscsPhylogenetic treeBiological classification of molluscs
Primitive molluscsPrimitive molluscs, Nautiluses, Ammonites
Conchs+Conchs, Limpets and Chitons
SnailsSea hares, Sea slugs, Sea angles, Sea butterflies, Land snails
ColeoidsSquid, Octopus, Cuttlefish
Bivalves+Bivalves and Tusk shells
CnidariansPhylogenetic treeBiological classification of cnidarians
CoralsSea anemones
JellyfishBox jellyfish, Hydroids, Stalked jellyfish
Other animalsPhylogenetic treeBiological classification of other animals
JellyfishComb jellies
Lamp shell
Sea lily
Sea starBrittle star
PlantsPhylogenetic treeBiological classification of plants
Primitive plantsGreen algae, Land plants (Moss, Ferns, Seed plants, Flowering plants)