History of geological time - Animals in the Habitats and the Fossil sites, and Biodiversity

Neo-proterozoicT-series: Time series, P-tree: Phylogenetic tree
Tonian1000~850 MyaRodinia supercontinent
(1100~750 Mya)
Cryogenian850~630 MyaSnowball Earth (730, 635 Mya)
Ediacaran630~542 MyaP-tree
First sponge and trilobitomorph
Cambrian542~488 MyaP-treeCambrian explosion
Early Cambrian542~513 MyaT-seriesFirst trilobite and jawless fish
Middle Cambrian513~496 MyaT-seriesBurgess Shale
Late Cambrian496~488 MyaT-series
Ordovician488~443 MyaP-tree
Early Ordovician488~472 MyaT-seriesFirst coral
Middle Ordovician472~460 MyaT-seriesFirst ammonite, land plant (non-vascular plant)
Late Ordovician460~443 MyaT-seriesFirst sea scorpion
Great Dying① (450~440 Mya)
Silurian443~418 MyaP-tree
Early Silurian443~428 MyaT-seriesFirst sea star
Middle Silurian428~423 MyaT-seriesFirst land plant (Vascular plant)
Late Silurian423~418 MyaT-seriesFirst lobe-finned fish, spiny shark and ray-finned fish
Devonian418~359 MyaP-tree
Early Devonian418~397 MyaT-seriesFirst insect, spider, armoured fish and cartilaginous fish
Middle Devonian397~385 MyaT-seriesFirst fern
Late Devonian385~359 MyaT-seriesFirst seed plant and amphibia (From water to land)
Great Dying② (375~360 Mya)
Carboniferous359~299 MyaP-treeHigh temperature and high concentration oxygen
Coal forest formation
Early Carboniferous359~318 MyaT-seriesFirst non-mammal-like reptile and shark
Late Carboniferous318~299 MyaT-seriesFirst mammal-like reptile, dragonfly and ginkgo
Permian299~251 MyaP-tree
Early Permian299~270 MyaT-seriesFirst marine reptile
Middle Permian270~260 MyaT-seriesFirst archosaur
Late Permian260~251 MyaT-seriesSingle supercontinent Pangaea,
Extreme temperature rise,
Most extensive Great Dying③ (260~253 Mya)
Triassic251~200 MyaP-tree
Early Triassic251~245 MyaT-seriesFirst frog
Middle Triassic245~238 MyaT-seriesFirst dinosaur, long-neck dino and pine
Late Triassic228~200 MyaT-seriesFirst flying reptile, turtle, crocodile and mammal
Great Dying④ (205 Mya)
Jurassic200~145 MyaP-tree
Early Jurassic200~175 MyaT-seriesFirst belemnites
Middle Jurassic175~161 MyaT-seriesFirst thick-headed dino, bird-hipped dino and salamander
Late Jurassic161~145 MyaT-seriesFirst horned dino, feather dino, bird?, ray and magnolia
Cretaceous145~65.5 MyaP-tree
Early Cretaceous145~100 MyaT-seriesFirst platypus, marsupial and placental
Late Cretaceous100~65.5 MyaT-seriesFirst marine lizard, ungulate, cimolesta and duck
Great Dying⑤ (65.5 Mya)
Paleocene65.5~55.8 MyaP-tree
Eocene55.8~33.9 MyaP-tree
Oligocene33.9~23 MyaP-tree
Miocene23~5.3 MyaP-tree
Pliocene5.3~1.81 MyaP-tree
Pleistocene1.81~0.01 MyaP-tree
Holocene0.01~0 MyaP-tree
These maps are provided by C. R. Scotese PALEOMAP Project.